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China Girl Cards

was something I

created when adoption

from China was

more fluent -

At this point, I work

on “Special Request”


Lunch Box Love Notes are lil’ notes I slip in my daughter’s lunch box, under her pillow & here n’ there

For licensing questions and/ or praise, or Vanity thoughts email moi': Collene

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As an adoptive parent, I didn’t see images that looked like my daughters that weren’t too cutesy or too generic so I created ChinaGirlLove.

My doodles started on little note cards, teacher notes, lunch-box-love-notes, birthday cards & invitations & the ideas kept coming!

My blog is no longer live, but if you’d like to take a look at previous posts click here: ChinaGirl B’logSpot

If you have a special request, email me your suggestions.