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Vanity Cases greetings are more pithy than punchline & have been sold in millions of stores...Ok, I mean thousands, but that’s still fabulous; don’t you think?!


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Happy Birthday!

But more importantly - if it’s the right color for you!

with age comes a whole lotta’ baubles, bangles & pearls of wisdom!

  Happy Birthday

I hope you find yourself

having a Fab’ Birthday!

All images & web content © Collene Kennedy

And all the bad hair days

in between!

Click image

Click image

Click image

...& do it big -

& fabulously on your birthday!

Good hair helps too!

Have it all & have a ball on your birthday!

I hope your birthday is full of it -

All things fabulous that is!

or at least  well dressed & tressed for it!

  Happy Birthday

Breath, pull it together & then have an outta’ control good time on your Birthday!

Wishing you a happy pluckin’ Birthday!