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Or is that we still get presents?!

Happy Birthday Super Star!

Do you know how much money we save each other in therapy?!

text, email, facebook, tweet or IM me, I‘m virtually always there for you!  Happy Birthday!

But what I think about you having a fabulous birthday is -

so have a fab’ one please!

And when it’s yours, eat mores!

Happy Birthday!

Now Doll, grab a tweezer & have a happy pluckin’ birthday!

It’s only another birthday! Be brave, bold n’ enjoy!

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Because a mindless time is a fabulous thing to waste!

Indulge & enjoy on your Birthday!

Once can never underestimate the importance of good scents!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to someone who gives good “sole!”

It gives a lil’ lift to what’s

already there!

Have an uplifting Happy Birthday!