All about me--

How I arrived at Destination Doodling for a living
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Not the abbreviated version:

I studied Ad Design a “zillion” years ago in New York. (I rarely admit to a specific age but let's just say I'm the target market for botox, tucking & plucking!) Instead of advertisting, I took a soft right-turn into public relations where I stayed for about a dozen years. My PR career ranged from celebrity publicist in Los Angeles to the role of PR Director & spokesperson for a national bridal retailer. May I add, there’s very little difference between spoiled stars and bridezillas!

Through all, drawing was as vital to me as wearing red lipstick, powder and pearls. From my earliest school note books to press releases, my margins were filled with “veddy' sofistickated” characters and their pithy vanity observations! It was inevitable that at some point I would follow my dream of  “doodling for a living.”

I balanced my first greeting card contracts while keeping one [high-heeled] foot in my PR job. Since the starving artist concept didn't appeal to me I thought I'd support my art ambitions as a freelance PR consultant -- which in-turn would fund my "Master Vanity Plan,"(not to mention my manicure habit).

Fate threw a curve ball because soon after starting my PR boutique, I got a reeeeaaaally bad case of Lyme disease which brought almost all areas in my life to a screeching halt - for years!  My Lyme Disease was the result of NOT being properly treated and/ or prescribed simple antibiotics by Malvern, PA, based doctor, Stephanie Bennett -- despite having the obvious and tell-tale bull's eye rash,  my health suffered the consequences of delayed treatment for Lyme Disease which whacked out out my mind and body in countless, unforgiving ways. As a result of not functioning at my usual 100 MPH pace & other draining health effects, I had to close my PR shop and my Vanity Art marketing efforts were drastically slowed!

During my bout, my inner-vanitista voice spoke to me and said, "Who cares how you feel on the inside, as long as you look fabulous on the outside?!" With that, I lipsticked and pearled' myself up and learned to balance being sick with being fabulous and persevered with Vanity marketing efforts.  As a result, I was able to get a fab’ card license and the national company and Vanity Cases were in thousands of stores!  Wheeee!

Dealing with a long-term illness confirmed to me, Vanity is a virtue! My ultimate philosophy is good hair & a fab'tabulous tude' are key in achieving goals  -- and the right shade of lipstick  can only help!

I'm still living a balancing act only now I balance building my business while playing in the sandbox (with my perfectly adorable) China born daughters, and spending time with my hizzle [read: Husband] in suburban Philadelphia aka as the Mainline.

Air kisses & Accessory wishes for taking time to read a bio that is frankly too long for a webpage!  If you got this far, contact me and I’ll send you two free cards!